Blog (Re-)Purpose(d)


This blog originally was a repository for my first ramblings as a seminarian in Summer Greek. It served as a way to keep family and friends aware of my joys, struggles, needs, and epiphanies that came fast and furious during those early days. As my time at Seminary grew long, so did my posts.

Eventually family and academic needs drained my time and energy to post. There was the occasional retire or repost but little original content. Or perhaps I got bored? There was also a small pressure to keep my opinions to myself especially as I came closer to placement.

The blog was reawakened with placement, call, ordination, and installation. There was much news to tell. My desire to blog ideas and thoughts came back albeit briefly. Again, duties drew me away and there was little motivation.

As part of my seminary residency, I began and completed all but the thesis portion of a Masters of Sacred Theology (S.T.M.) in addition to the earned Masters of Divinity (M.Div). The program has an expiry that is rapidly approaching. As such, I will need to complete the thesis to earn the degree.

Now, the current. I’m going to use this blog as a landing pad for research, reflections, and questions. You will be seeing posts that will broadly consider church architecture and its specific theological implications. Some of the primary research is already complete but much yet remains.

Feel free to interact with the material as little or as much as you like. If you have ideas, questions, or your own reflections, I would appreciate you posting them so that I’m not dialoguing with myself inside a study bubble.

Boots on the Ground


At that most recent meeting, the board heard from LCMS President Rev. Dr. Matthew C. Harrison, who provided a report on the state of Synod and took time to present his study of Synod demographics and statistics through the years. Harrison shared his concern, noting that for the Synod, the demographic/statistics trend is downward. “Boots on the ground matter,” said Harrison, asking, “Are we actually inviting people to church, are we actually planting churches?”

When challenged, Harrison further explained. “It’s unconscionable that [there are] congregations who have no adult class, no attempt at outreach … that the LCMS is declining,” he said. “I know that numbers are not the end. But the Lord has hidden answers to questions of election in Himself,” Harrison continued, as he emphatically concluded, “He has given us the means to reach out. Are we doing it? As matter of the law, we can do far better at it.”

via BIM calls 10 career missionaries | LCMS News & Information.