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Easter greetings from our friends of the SELC

Peace to you dear Brothers and Sisters,

We are glad to greet you with Easter Greetings: Khristos voskres! Christ is risen!

May we bring to your attention the words of greetings from the Easter Message 2016 of our Bishop Vsevolod Lytkin that will be read in all parishes of SELC during the Easter liturgy:

The first Easter command written in today’s Gospel reading, is very short, there are only two words: “Go, tell”[Mk 16:7]. Nobody had been aware yet of the resurrection of Jesus Christ at the time, but the whole world had to know this.

In our time of apathy, separation, and indifference this very appeal goes forth especially loud and clear: go and tell, tell not only by words, but also by works and Christian love. Following Christ has taught us that love always presupposes sacrifices. Properly speaking, love is a sacrifice. The Son of God has paid His life out of His love to us.

The Lords wills for us to learn from Him how to sacrifice what we have and even what we are for salvation of people, so that those who are still in darkness would recognize risen Christ, His Church and her gifts: Baptism and Eucharist, joy of salvation, and that reality that there is no more death for Christians but instead there is resurrection.

Happy Easter, my beloved parishioners! Christ is risen!

And we wish you blessed Easter!

“Faith and hope”,
Siberia, Center of the world :)
Please see attached photos from the Easter liturgy in Novosibirsk

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