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The Purpose of Art in Church

Edward Riojas

The Purpose of Art in Church

That’s what art, especially church art, is supposed to be. Art translates realities that are often not easily defined into a realm that can be captured by our senses. How wonderful that the reality of the saints enjoying the unending feast of the Lamb is depicted for us as we partake of that same Lamb in the foretaste of the feast to come. How powerful it is to be able to explain to visitors that what we celebrate here results in just that: Saints who, with joyful eyes, see the Son of God’s glorious face.

Art has been used in this way for a very, very long time. Do you remember the carved Cherubim over the Mercy Seat and the carvings which adorned Solomon’s Temple (2 Chronicles 3 and 4)? Art communicates complex truths in a way that language cannot….

From: Hosting an Art Gallery at Church | Michigan In Touch Online.

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