Recent Sermons

Sermons and Bible Studies by Rev. Christopher Gillespie at St. John Lutheran Church & School (Sherman Center) in Random Lake, Wisconsin.

  1. "Whatever God gives is a good gift from Him because His word of truth says so" Cantate 2022
  2. Bible Study: Zechariah 1:18—2:13

  3. Sunday’s OT and Epistle—Isaiah 12:1-6; James 1:16-21
  4. The Life of the Church—Acts 2:37-47
  5. Peter Calls the Church to Repentance—Acts 2:22-36
  6. Peter’s Sermon on the Prophet Joel—Acts 2:14-21
  7. The Feast of Pentecost—Acts 2:1-13
  8. Matthias Is Chosen to Fill Judas’s Office—Acts 1:12-26
  9. "Jesus points His disciples forward to that death as a birth of new life" Jubilate 2022
  10. Bible Study: Zechariah 1:7-18