Recent Sermons

Sermons and Bible Studies by Rev. Christopher Gillespie at St. John Lutheran Church & School (Sherman Center) in Random Lake, Wisconsin.

  1. Bible Class: "It is the Spirit who gives life" John 6:60—7:1
  2. "For the Sake of the Elect" Trinity 25 2019
  3. "Blessings Accomplished and Given" All Saints' Day 2019
  4. Bible Study: John 6:52-59 "True Food and True Drink"
  5. Bible Study: John 6:41-51 "Grumbling Just Like Your Fathers"
  6. "Jesus Will Be Your Jesus" Reformation (observed) 2019
  7. "Forgiveness Unrestrained, Unlimited, Unearned" Trinity 22 2019
  8. Bible Study: John 6:32-40 "True Bread from Heaven"
  9. "Signs" (John 4:46-54) Trinity 21 2019
  10. Bible Study: “This is the work of God, that you believe in Him whom He sent" John 6:26-31