Recent Sermons

Sermons and Bible Studies by Rev. Christopher Gillespie at St. John Lutheran Church & School (Sherman Center) in Random Lake, Wisconsin.

  1. Christ’s Righteousness Fulfills the Law—Mt 5:13-20
  2. The Sermon on the Mount: The Beatitudes—Mt 5:1-12
  3. Jesus’ Ministry and the Call of the Fishermen—Mt 4:12-25
  4. "Nicodemus was looking for the kingdom of God apart from Jesus" Holy Trinity 2023
  5. Adult Catechumenate #7: 
The Creed: The Third Article
  6. Bible Study: Ezekiel 24
  7. Sunday’s OT and Epistle—Isaiah 6:1-7; Rom. 11:33-36
  8. The Temptation of Our Lord—Matthew 4:1-11
  9. The Baptism of Our Lord—Matthew 3:13-17
  10. "The Holy Spirit's Works Invidiually AND Corporately" Wednesday of Pentecost 2023