The Rev. Christopher R. Gillespie was ordained into the Holy Ministry on July 25, A+D 2010. He and his wife, Anne, enjoy raising their family of ten children in the Lord in southwest Wisconsin. He earned a Masters of Divinity in 2009 from Concordia Theological Seminary, Fort Wayne, Indiana.

Christopher also is a freelance recording and media producer. His speciality is recording of classical, choral, band and instrumental music and mastering of all genres of music. Services offered include location multi-track audio recording, live concert capture and production, mastering for CD and web, video production for web.

Also he operates a coffee roasting company, Coffee by Gillespie. Great coffee motivates and inspires. Many favorite memories are often shared over a cup. That’s why we take our coffee seriously. Select the best raw coffee. Roast it artfully. Brew it for best flavor. Coffee by Gillespie, the pride and passion of Christopher Gillespie, was founded to share his own experience in delicious coffee with you.

His many hobbies include listening to music, grilling, electronics, photography, computing, studying theology, and Christian apologetics.