Judica ’12 – John 8:46-59

Old Testament: Gen. 22:1-14
Epistle:Heb. 9:11-15
Holy Gospel:John 8:46-59

Summary: Jesus tells us that whoever hears the Word of God is of God. Those who refuse to hear are not of God. This is a harsh lesson but true. In the example of the Jews of today’s Gospel, we learn how initially stopping ones ears to the Word leads to name calling, blasphemy, and even intent to murder. This shouldn’t shock us. The same is true in our world. The same is true with our children. What begins as a simple act of disobedience, if not reprimanded by God’s Word, will lead to further disobedience and eventual hardness to God’s Word. Let us heed God’s Word and gladly hear and do it. Continue reading