Palmarum ’12 – The Passion according to St. Matthew

The contrast of our Lord’s triumphant entry on Palm Sunday with the rest of His Passion is stark. At each turn the good confession that Christ is Lord, the Son of the Living God, is forsaken, ignored, or blasphemed. Finally, only the women through their presence at a distance and the Centurion through boldness declare “Truly, this was the Son of God.” This confession is the essential Christian confession. Without the Son of God dying for you, the sinner, and rising for your justification, your faith is in vain. This Great Week teaches us that the confession that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of David and the Son of God, is inextricably joined to the death and resurrection for you. To be the Christ is to ride on in majesty and lowly pomp to die for you.

Quinquagesima ’12 – Luke 18:31-43

St. Paul’s second epistle to Corinth confesses with great boldness how our God loves us. He is patient and kind. He does not boast or envy. He suffers all and endures all. Knowing this love is difficult. Our lives rarely reflect the perfect love of our God. We must hear and learn it again. Thus, today begins our final preparations for the blessed season of Lent. We will see and know the love of our God most graciously shown in His holy Passion. He opens our deprived eyes to see once again His death for us. From this love, we learn how to love God and to love each other.