Novosibirsk IX

Yesterday was a short day for class. We finished after lunch. We went to the newish Orthodox congregation on the south part of Akademgorodok to purchase icons. On the way, we passed the bust of the founder of Akademgorodok.


He’s quite a good looking guy, don’t you think? Akademgorodok is unique as the many institutes of study here were established before the university. Typically the advanced institutes were created after the university, following its offerings.

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Novosibirsk VIII


On Tuesday evening we attended the ballet of Novosibirsk. The company was formed in 1945 during the blockade of St. Petersburg. The ballet company there was evacuated to Novosibirsk. After the blockade ended, many remained here and formed a new company. It is not quite the Bolshoi but its considering one step back. Neither Anne nor I have ever attended a professional ballet. Our ability to criticize is limited. But more on that later.

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