in Catechesis

The Divine Liturgy: Post-Communion Collect (1)

Part of the Liturgy: Post-Communion Collect (1)

Summary: Holy Communion has an effect in our lives. As the Lord loves us, so do we pray that we might have “fervent lvoe for one another.” If we abide in Him – through communion – His love will bear fruit through us, for He is the Vine, and we are the branches.

Join us each week after Divine Service (~10:30am) for coffee, treats, and a study of a part of the Liturgy. Join us as you are able. Children and adults welcome alike. No advance preparation is required.

We gather regularly for instruction in the Word of God, not simply to learn knowledge about God, but that our faith in Jesus Christ might be strengthened, and that we might live by that faith in our lives. We call this kind of teaching “catechesis.” Receiving our Lord’s teaching from the Holy Scriptures is a way of life for us, young and old alike, from the cradle to the grave. Our Lord is with us wherever His Word is faithfully taught and received.