The growing Siberian Evangelical Lutheran Church (SELC) is a place where the Gospel of Jesus Christ is preached and the Holy Sacraments offered to sinners seeking forgiveness and healing of body and soul.

While they may speak a different language, our Siberian brothers and sisters in Christ are baptized in the name of the same Lord and worship the same Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Our mission begins and finds its conclusion in the Word and Sacraments properly administered. Learn more and consider supporting our brothers and sisters in Christ: The Siberian Lutheran Mission Society

Spilled Blood 3My travel diary from 2007:
Why go to Novosibirsk?
St. Petersburg
Novosibirsk I
Novosibirsk II
Novosibirsk III
Novosibirsk IV
Novosibirsk V
Novosibirsk VI
Novosibirsk VII
Novosibirsk VIII
Novosibirsk IX
Novosibirsk X
Russia 2007 Picture Set

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