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St. Petersburg

Just a quick note for you all, using the expensive internet here. We arrived successfully in St. Petersburg this afternoon and are getting ready for bed. We had Italian for dinner and tomorrow will do some sight-seeing before moving on to Novosibirsk.

Nothing major to report. St. Petersburg is a modern, ancient, and communist town all mixed up. Its bizarre.

Happy birthday Gabriel! We’re sorry we’re not able to be there! I hope Aunt Christine made a nice birthday treat for you!

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  1. Good to hear from you! This is going to be a trip to remember. Enjoy every minute! You, Anne, the children and Christine and husband are in our prayers. Have fun!

  2. I called to wish Gabriel a Happy Birthday tonight. He talked and talked to me on the phone. Mandie and I sang to him. They had played in the park for hours pouring sand on each other and were having a cook-out with chocolate eclair cake for dessert. I asked him if everyone was there and we went through Ethan, Elsie and Lukie. Then he said “My mommy and daddy in Russia.” It was cute and so sweet to hear his little voice tell me where you are!